Education Sector Cleaning

Providing a clean and safe working environment is essential for schools, colleges and universities, which is why we offer professional contract cleaning services to the education sector.

As experienced professional cleaning contractors, TeamCleaning provides thorough and competitively priced services for educational establishments of all sizes. Our attention to detail is outstanding and we tackle even the smallest, often forgotten areas such as light switches and door handles, as well as computer keyboards and screens.

A consistent and effective cleaning regimen will create a pleasant environment for both staff and students. This will help to improve wellbeing while reducing the risk of germs and illness spreading. 

Working flexibly to suit you

Every school is unique, with its own diverse range of learning spaces, which is why we make sure each of our cleaners is given the exact training and equipment needed to work flexibly and provide the very best clean possible. We adapt our approach to best tackle a wide range of areas, including communal spaces, reception areas and corridors, as well as classrooms, common rooms and lecture halls. We can also look after gymnasiums and fitness areas, as well as computer rooms and science facilities. 

We will always work closely with our clients to devise a tailored cleaning plan and take care of any unique requests or tricky areas.   

Our education sector cleaning services include:

  • Deep cleans to protect against COVID-19
  • Regular contract cleaning 
  • One-off cleans
  • Specialist carpet and floor cleaning
  • Washroom services

To learn more about our education sector cleaning services and to arrange your bespoke highly competitive quotation, get in touch today.

Education Sector Cleaning
Professional cleaning for schools

Keeping staff and students safe and healthy

Proper cleaning and hygiene are key to stopping the spread of germs and viruses, which is why we offer a deep clean and fogging service that eliminates 99.99% of germs and bacteria (including COVID-19). We use a special machine that sprays an invisible mist of high-powered disinfectant into the air, which falls and coats each surface to kill any germs, bacteria or viruses that may be lurking there.   

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