The Benefits of Hiring Commercial Cleaning Companies to Keep Your Offices clean

Professional cleaning can make your workplace a healthier and safer place to be.

Businesses can find themselves hit by waves of illness – it only takes one employee harbouring a virus to spread it across the workplace. As others touch equipment, they pick up the virus, Keyboards, mice, phones, door handles and kitchen areas can all harbour bacteria and viruses.

5 Benefits of Using Professional Office Cleaning Services

Here at TeamCleaning, we believe that regular, professional office cleaning is fundamental to creating a positive and healthy workplace for your employees.

The Importance of Hand Washing

Did you know that just 1cm of your hand holds 1500 bacteria?! Not washing your hands thoroughly throughout the day is one of the quickest ways to spread infection - especially in the workplace, increasing risk for your health and the health of your staff and co-workers.

What are the Dirtiest Areas in the Office?

You may be sitting in the dirtiest place in your office right now! You’ve more than likely eaten in that place before – maybe a packet of crisps or a slice of homemade cake. Do you still want to know what the dirtiest place in the office is... then read on.

Welcome to 2022!

Hello! If you’re new here, we are TeamCleaning! We hope everyone’s had a lovely Christmas and New Year. It’s now time to make 2022 the best year yet.

What makes TeamCleaning the go-to cleaning company in the South?

At TeamCleaning, we pride ourselves on our ethos and our promise to our clients. As professional cleaners, we’re passionate about ensuring your workplace is a clean, tidy, and hygienic place for your employees to come to every day. Find out more about why we’re your go-to cleaning company in the South in this blog.

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