Free Cleaning Evaluations

Free Cleaning Evaluations from Team Cleaning

Team Cleaning are excited to be offering our new Cleaning Evaluation service, free of charge!

If you feel like your commercial cleaning contractors are not living up to your high standards, or you have been doing the cleaning yourself and would like to go professional, we’ll happily conduct a survey and show you exactly how and where we’d make improvements.

We’ll show you the benefits

Many prospective clients don’t realise the additional benefits of having professional cleaners at their business including:

  • Healthier, happier and more productive staff
  • A tidier and more efficient workplace
  • A safer environment for all

That’s why with our free cleaning evaluations, we can show you behind the curtain to see exactly what we can offer you before you make any sort of commitment, giving you total peace of mind.

Choose Team Cleaning for a free Cleaning Evaluation

In order to book a free cleaning evaluation with Team Cleaning, why not give a member of our friendly team a call today. We’re always ready to answer any questions you may have, and discuss your unique requirements, on 01202 677111.

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