Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services from TeamCleaning

TeamCleaning is the South’s go-to option for professional cleaning. We’re delighted to be offering eco-friendly cleaning services – and a modern cleaning ethos for an eco-conscious world.

As our impact on the environment becomes increasingly apparent, TeamCleaning believe that it’s vital all industries play their part in reducing it.

That’s why we have reflected on our practices, and come up with truly green and modern eco-friendly cleaning practices that will protect the environment as well as your home or business.


How are we an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service?


Here’s how we’re helping to reduce our environmental impact.

Electric Cars to transport supplies and visit clients

Transport is a vital part of the cleaning process, getting us to and from our clients and suppliers. Our eco-friendly cleaning service utilises electric cars, allowing us to get to you and back in a vehicle that doesn’t pollute the atmosphere.

Rewashing cloths

While it sounds far more simple than electric cars, rewashing cloths is an equally vital part of the TeamCleaning eco-friendly service. Putting throwaway wipes down the toilet can block drains, leading to overflows that can damage marine life and their habitats. Avoiding single use items goes a long way to reducing waste, which is why our cloths are the way forward!

Non-hazardous chemicals

Our chemicals need to be powerful to get the job done – but this does not mean they need to be bad for the environment. Detergents, anti-bacs and bleaches can all contain chemicals that are potentially dangerous, so we have worked hard to secure eco-friendly alternatives that will be the standard in years to come.

Recyclable packaging

Part of our commitment to reducing waste, recyclable packaging is vital to any eco-friendly cleaning service. Single-use plastics are a prolific polluter of our oceans, meaning any reduction in their use is a cause Team Cleaning can truly get behind.

Avoiding Bin liners

An uncomfortable idea at first, leaving bin liners behind is one of the best things you can do for the environment. As part of our eco-friendly cleaning services, we advocate emptying and washing out your bins instead, removing the need for more single use plastic.

Separating waste

Failing to separate waste properly can mean that recyclable items are sent to landfill – and that doesn’t help anybody. We’ll ensure your waste goes exactly where it needs to go.

Choose Team Cleaning as your Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company


As a leading commercial cleaning company, TeamCleaning provides a comprehensive range of services so you never have to worry about cleanliness or hygiene again. Offices, dealerships, floors and carpets or commercial – whatever your needs, we have you covered. To find out more or book Team Cleaning, give us a call on 01202 677111.

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