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TeamCleaning was launched in 2020, the first year of the coronavirus pandemic. We found that our sister company, a recruitment firm, was struggling with businesses that had to shut due to Covid cases.

That’s where we came in – to be part of the solution, providing a comprehensive cleaning surface enabling safe and hygienic use of office spaces.

Our beginnings

Starting as a covid response cleaning company, TeamCleaning offered fogging services to commercial clients. We ensured that the downtime of the business was kept to a minimum, enabling them to be back up and running usually within 24 hours.

This is still a key part of our offering, and a key reason as to why we benefit from great returning clients – they know that we can guarantee a safe and secure environment for their business.

Established, respected and reliable

From there, through a process of progression and development, we became a contract cleaning company offering recurring cleans, deep cleans or one off cleaning services – each with bespoke schedules to suit individual businesses.

Now, TeamCleaning works with businesses across Dorset and Hampshire, with a team of cleaners dedicated to creating and maintaining safe and clean environments.

That way, business owners are reassured that their staff and visitors are experiencing the safest and most comfortable environment possible. This of course benefits everyone, increasing productivity and staff morale.

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Now that you know a bit more about us, hopefully you can see the dedication and hard work that has gone into creating a service that we are truly proud of – especially during really tough times, it’s great to be a service that can enable people to live a more ‘normal’ existence.

We’ve now grown our team of cleaners into an awesome group that have a real togetherness and team attitude, and we always try to show our gratitude to them for their hard work. When everyone’s happy, everyone wins!

To get in contact with TeamCleaning and talk to a member of our friendly team about your business’s unique cleaning requirements, give us a call today.

We can complete a survey for you, showing you exactly how we would revolutionise the cleaning of your space.

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